Contemporary Migration

Barthélémy TOGUO, Carte de séjour
Barthélémy TOGUO, Carte de séjour, 2010, Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration, inv. 2010.23.4 © EPPPD-MNHI

This body of texts in the form of questions & answers covers contemporary issues linked to migrations. The "answers" presented here aim to provide summarised information and definitions, presenting an overview of the current debates within French society around migration issues, and to deconstruct a few common preconceptions… 

There are over sixty questions in all, split into six themes:

The words
Politics and immigration
Society and immigration
Economy and immigration
Culture and diversity

This body of texts is non-exhaustive and evolving, and has been developed in several stages since 2007. An initial series of texts was written in 2007 by a number of academics and specialists on these issues (Jacqueline Costa-Lascoux, Laure Pitti, Myriam Djegham, Marie Poinsot, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden), and a second series in 2012 by a journalist specialised in migration issues, Mustapha Harzoune, who also updated the totality of texts in early 2022: bringing the figures but also the content of the constantly evolving debates up to date.
New questions are also emerging within society, which will very soon be the subject of new questions and answers.